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Welcome to Craftsbury Schools / School Board

Contact Information:

Craftsbury Schools

Merri Greenia, Principal
1422 North Craftsbury Rd.
Craftsbury Common, VT 05827
(802) 586-2541 (802) 586-7524 (Fax)

Craftsbury School Board Members:

Julie Marckres (Vice)              586-9656
Harry Miller                                586-9972
John Smith, Jr.                          586-6931
Jennifer Marckres (Clk)         586-7779
Steve Moffatt  (Chair)              586-6900
You may also email us at caboard@ossu.org

The school board meets regularly on the third Tuesday of each month in the Academy Common Room. 
Meetings normally begin at 6:00 p.m. Interested people are encouraged to attend.

Our Vision

The vision of Craftsbury Schools is to develop a positive learning community that will foster innovation and creative thinking through shared interests in global sustainability.

Our Mission

The misson of Craftsbury Schools is to foster academic excellence through rigorous standards with innovative curricula. The faculty of Craftsbury Schools will lead students in developing and mastering intellectual skills through creative and critcal thinking. This will develop a student body that is ethically, internationally, and academically focused with innovative development through substainable efforts.

School Demography

The town of Craftsbury provides a public school system for its children in grades K-12. The Elementary School, located in the lower village of Craftsbury, hosts 44 children in kindergarten through fourth grade. The Academy located on Craftsbury Common, educates 115 students in grades 5 through 12, including tuition students from surrounding towns.

Craftsbury Academy, a public school, is home to the oldest continuously operated high school in the state of Vermont The Academy was originally founded in 1829. The Academy has recently been renovated to maintain its historic qualities while at the same time becoming a energy efficient building with 21st century technology.

Craftsbury School Board Philosophy Statement

The public schools of Craftsbury belong to and are supported by the residents of this town.
The purpose of the Craftsbury Schools is to provide the educational opportunities that lead every child to fulfillment of his or her potential as a productive individual. School programs will seek to meet the needs and aspirations of the students and community. School courses should present the experience and wisdom of the past and aspirations of the future.